A short post today, just to let folks know who might be interested that I’ve once again registered a server for the survivalbox game Citadel: Forged With Fire.

Citadel is like other games of this kind in that you get to free-roam around a decently sized island, collecting resources, unlocked blueprints, and crafting stuff like buildings, weapons, armor, and food. Unlike other survival games, you don’t need to eat to live — food is good for buffs and that’s all — and here magic plays a massive role. You can wield a wand as a weapon, and can imbue all of your weapons with spells. As if that wasn’t enough to sell ya, you will unlock the ability to take to the skies atop a broom so you can live out all of your Harry Potter fantasies.

We have a few folks who expressed interest in signing up. We have a 10-slot-at-a-time server, so if you own Citadel and are interested (and if I know you somehow, or can be vouched for, as we’re looking to keep the server fun and enjoyable), ping me on Twitter for the information.

Sound off!

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