Ever get that feeling where you’re moving too fast but don’t really care, while simultaneously caring a lot?

The Good, The Bad, and the Backlog

[Insert screaming sounds]

Not six months ago I was in one of those phases where I didn’t want to play anything. Then, out of the blue, I wanted to play everything. I had Baldur’s Gate 3. I had Starfield. I was just starting to return to Star Citizen. Then I rolled into other games like Star Trek Infinite, Moonring, back to Cyberpunk 2077 (sans Phantom Liberty) and New World (sans Angry Earth), and tried out Swords of Freeport. I had gotten a game called Conglomerate from…somewhere, I know not where…which is like a cyberpunk Eye of the Beholder. In a fit of madness I picked up Return to Moria through EGS, refunded it because of it’s guided sandbox nature and loneliness (I was the only one I knew who was playing it) and then used the store credit to pick up Age of Wonder 4 because why the hell not? I even shelled out of ARK: Ascended despite the abysmal word of mouth, figuring that running it through GeForce Now would alleviate many of the supposed performance issues (spoiler alert: it does!).

Now that I’m writing this, it’s…a lot. A lot. I don’t when know where I stand in relation to any of these games. I tapered off from Starfield because I got sidetracked. I am put off from Baldur’s Gate 3 as I am, for some wacky reason, because people are gushing over it. CitizenCon has put me back on the Star Citizen track, but I’m starting to remember why I slowed my roll on that one as well. All of the other games have offered hours worth of entertainment — just a few — and I’m not entirely sure I want to return to any of them in full force. Again, this was a massive push into a bunch of games in a short amount of time, and now I feel like I lost track of a whole lot of time with very little to show for it. Still, I will continue, here and there, and hope to find a concatenated thread of enjoyment from now until the end of the year. Why the end of the year? I dunno…it just sounds like a good milestone to shoot for.

Unnecessary Upgrades are Necessary

That’s me, now, in the center.

I got an email from my cell phone provider that congratulations were in order (for them). I was now eligible for a phone upgrade. I am only half way through my existing contract, but I apparently shelled out for the “early upgrade” plan which grants me the privilige of restarting the payment clock in exchange for a new model device. Oddly enough, according to the math, doing so would actually reduce my monthly bill by $8USD. I am skeptical since that’s way too much of consumer-beneficial perk for a cell phone provider to offer. Regardless, I went for it because I am one of those people who likes it when he can justify (financially or otherwise) having new-to-him tech.

Ancestral Lands

I did NOT put my lips on that.

I am not one who enjoys traveling, but mid-year my wife decided out of the blue that we needed to go somewhere. Not just somewhere, but somewhere different than our usual local trips or vacations to the mid-Atlantic states. So we went to Ireland, as one does.

Ireland had been the one place that I did want to go to as I — like millions of other Americans, of course — have ancestors from there. My wife has been working on my genealogy for a few years now, and a few of my great-grandparents got traced back to places in Ireland. Sadly, the illuminating that trail from this side of the pond went cold, and we didn’t have time to do research while there, but we had a pretty good time aside from running head-long into Storm Babet. Thank gawd for GPS, as we got blocked three times in one night by washed out roads that our little rental car could never hope to ford.


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