Quick postlette this morning. I had been considering using DigitalOcean to spin up an Owncast instance for streaming gameplay. I had, at the time where I had first been entertaining such a task, been focused almost exclusively on Star Citizen but in the wake of the ‘Disaster in Da’Verse’ I haven’t been playing much. Now I am on a Honkai Star Rail kick and have Stranded: Alien Dawn also sitting idle on my hard drive, so I do have a steady stable of games to play right now.

Instead of Owncast, which I would have to pay for, I have been thinking that I might try YouTube. I’m not sure why YT over Tweech; maybe because my ‘Tube channel has been lying fallow for quite some time and considering I split it off from my main identity channel for the purpose of posting videos there, and have really never done so, I might as well make use of it.

Being not only of a Certain Age, but also one who doesn’t regularly watch live-streams myself, the question of “why at all?” has been the number one block to actually doing anything. I am not looking for online stardom…I’m not even that good at “engagement” with people who do stop by. I think that the drive I sometimes feel for streaming is that of just sharing something with people who might not be familiar with the game I am playing, or who might have heard about it but don’t want to take the time to install/spend the money to purchase/aren’t entirely sure what to do in the game. It’s more about providing a window into something that I either know or am learning about to maybe help folks see something new or understand something familiar from another person’s perspective. It’s often why I write blog posts as well, to provide ‘another person’s perspective’. Doing it ‘in real time’ is just another dimension I don’t normally engage with.


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