This is going to be a really short post because Pieces of Paper is a very, very basic app.

What you see above is pretty much all that the app offers. At least we can say there is truth in advertising: it is literally a single sheet of digital paper. There is a way to tag a page, and there is a way to have multiple, single sheets of paper, but there is no higher-level way to group pages, or to see them in a notebook format.

The inking tools are pretty rudimentary. There’s a felt-tip marker, a fine-line marker, and a highlighter. We also have a per-pixel eraser, a selection loop drawing tool, and the return of the on-screen ruler (which must be an iOS feature for it to show up in two consecutive apps in exactly the same form and function). Pages can be shared through the usual iOS sharing menu, but other than these features, there’s not a lot to recommend Pieces of Paper as a note taking app, nor could I really recommend it for a quick note taking app. I’m not entirely sure who this app is meant for, or what its purpose could be considering there are apps which can do even just a bit more, and better, but who needs an app to do less?


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