Back in The Day, I had tried my hand at game development with Unity. This was, of course, before Unity got too big for its britches and earned the ire of many game developers out there, but I had long since moved on to abandon other projects by the time that bruhaha came to pass. But like every other interest I have taken up, I come back around to those which I had neglected, and this week, it seems to be game development.

Rather than go straight to the end of the line with Unreal 4, I have decided to stop off at another tourist area, Godot. I had tried Godot many, many years ago, probably during my Unity phase, when I was trying to decide which platform might suit my needs. My needs are, of course, ridiculous for someone who is perpetually learning game development (like, learning learning not that “always be learning!” bullshit) and at the time Godot didn’t really fit the bill. Now, however, my approaches have changed, the levels of ridiculousness have changed (slightly), and Godot as a platform has grown and improved.

Godot can use C#, which is good for me since that’s what I’ve been using at my Day Job for the past 20 or so years, but I have been opting to stick with the native GDScript since most info on the Godot documentation site defaults to GDScript, and a lot of code I’m seeing around the Internet is also using GDScript. It’s not complicated, and the integrated editor has code-completion, so I’m fairly confident in my decision.

Like most projects, I am content to start out knowing nothing, but as soon as I know something I want to stop the incremental learning and rocket straight to what I want to do. This means I can open the editor and throw down content like a monkey throwing its own crap, but as the metaphor implies, it’s still crap. That’s why I’ve gone searching for information on how to do what I want to do, while not necessarily understanding how to do it.

Exhibit A:

Oh yeah, we’re back to space. This little guy is just a simple test on how to get a spaceship to move in space. Don’t get all up in my comments about bullshit like “iT neEDs NewToNiaN PhYSicS” unless you can explain it using Math because I don’t care either way. This is really just a first step, anyway, testing a new platform with some of the most basic interaction I might need in the future.


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