Reviewing my posts here at Scopique HQ I realized that the last post I had posted about my desk setup experiment did not reflect the actual end result. In short, the end result was the original result, just with an intermediate step that allowed me to clean.

I had such high hopes for reworking my work-slash-play space. One goal was to get a larger viewing area, but since computer monitors are stupidly expensive, I had been looking at cutting corners by using a small projector I have, or by switching over to a larger TV, thanks to the impending Black Friday sales. The projector test worked just OK, but the resolution wasn’t good enough for me to tell if what I was looking at was a vending machine or an NPC or player enemy about to attack. I wasn’t sure if going the TV route was going to be the best option, and considering the only way to find out would have been to purchase a TV, unbox it, set it up, connect it, and then decide that, no, it was not the best option after all.

In the end, the “best” option was just to keep doing what I was doing. I’ll have to keep connecting and disconnecting the flight deck when I want to use it, storing it off to the side and on the floor. I did skip hooking up the Lumix this time, though, because who am I kidding? I’d only used a webcam on my game rig when I attempted to stream, and since that ship has sailed, sunk, and has promptly been forgotten, I didn’t see the point of taking up another USB slot on my overextended system.

In lieu of having a kick-ass setup, I’ve Photoshopped some images of the space, looking for a color to use as an accent wall. I’m hoping to paint the space behind the dual monitors, and move all three of my Star Citizen prints to that wall (finding something else to take up the smaller wall where two of the prints are currently hanging).

I think the black is too “on pointe” for a gamer-space, because “oohhhh, black walls are edgy!”. The lightest blue makes me think of a high school gym for some reason, but the darker blue isn’t terrible. Straight up no to the yellow, and probably the orange. The red, then, is the front-runner. Oddly enough — although psychologically, probably not — the red, which is called “Fireweed”, is what we used to paint our dining room.

Now I just need to get the paint, move the desk, and find some time to get to it.


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  • Tipa

    November 10, 2022 - 9:59 AM

    I dunno. I like the orange. Orange, gold and gray were the DEC colors back in the day.

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