Here’s the unadulterated result of a spasm of reorganization.

On the right we have the monitor directly connected to the main PC under the desk. It has the flight pedals, 2 sticks, StreamDeck, Tartarus, Tobii, and currently the mic and speakers. I will not have to strike this setup because I have plenty of room next to it to sit and do other things.

On the left we have an older laptop with a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop. Its sole purpose is to run Parsec so I can attach to the main PC…which I am doing now to write this post.

There are a few rough spots to iron out, though.

  1. I have my “good” keyboard and mouse on the main PC, but the keyboard is nigh inaccessible with this setup. My 10-keyless mini keyboard and older Logictech G600 are attached to the laptop. I am not sure if I want to keep this or swap it; the Ubuntu laptop doesn’t have support for the Razer peripherals I am guessing so switching might not do any good. Plus the volume controls are on the main PC and the keyboard has a volume knob
  2. What to do about sound. Right now the speakers are on the main PC, which will be good for Star Citizen…except the speakers are set up around the “terminal” monitor. When using Parsec, I have to keep switching audio back to the main PC lest it squeak out of the crappy laptop speakers. I might finally resort to all headphones, all the time now.
  3. The work laptop is there in the center. I will be receiving a KVM switch tomorrow, so I will be able to connect both the Ubuntu laptop and the work laptop to the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, so that will be nice.
  4. The main PC is…only one screen. I have lived a life of multiple screens for so long now that I don’t know how to function with just one. I usually run Discord and Twitter on another monitor, and the game on the main screen, but now I can’t see what’s going on in the world while I game. I might get one of those “pony screens” that can attach to the PC, but which doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. I COULD stand up another monitor once the work laptop moves to its forever work-from-home-home, but I don’t know about that.
  5. More minor, but I think I’ll move my Star Citizen prints to the main wall. Ultimately, if I can get that TV I spoke about earlier, I will mount it on that wall anyway.


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