It’s time for me to check in with an update on how the 3D modeling is going. Over to you, Scopique!


Because I like to keep my readers guessing, I’ve once again switched ideas. This time, I am working on a speeder bike.

I have to say, I am exceedingly pleased with how this model is turning out. I have yet to run into a serious roadblock when it comes to mechanical intervention. It started out as a cube, got shaped using BoxCutter, mostly, and then gained front-end stabilizers (complete with “who cares what it does it looks cool” cabling!), custom-modeled handlebars (no prefabs there, folks!), powerful engines, and a very comfy yet well-worn seat (buckle up!).

Now I am running into the dreaded “details phase”.

For some elements, I have leveraged KitOps, which is a “kit-bashing” add-on for Blender. It comes with a bunch of small-parts models that look really cool, and which can probably be put together better than how I have done, but above you can see the foot pedals, loosely modeled after what you might find on a real motorcycle.

The seat also has some KitOps elements for use with the seatbelt, because safety is a high priority when you’re speeding across the landscape of some alien world.

My issue now is that the overall bike looks rather plain. A lot of detail can be managed through the use of texturing and decals and such, but overall, I’m feeling that it’s missing stuff. This is where I find I struggle the most, not because I want to greeble the hell out of the model, but because detail is what draws the eye. The stabilizers have some level of detail through the fins, the wrapped cable, and the shape of the stabilizer rods themselves, and from the above angle, the seat works with the handlebars and foot pedals. The rear of the vehicle is just a block with engines, and that concerns me. I’d also like to add something behind the seat, like a bundle of something, like the driver is carrying a camping kit or some kind of cargo wedged in there.

I haven’t even considered what this is going to look like when it comes time for texturing. As I have become disillusioned with Mixer knowing what I can do with Substance Painter, I am fretting over my options. I might just slice up parts and colorize the thing using raw Blender, but that’s a learning curve I have yet to attempt beyond the pushbutton methods for getting Painter/Mixer textures into Blender.

First, though, I need to either reach a point of satisfaction with my detailing or defer and hope that texturing can pick up whatever slack I am feeling right now.

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