AdventureCo(tm) Brand Adventuring Company is like Menudo — same name, whole new line up of people every time you blink. The name was originally coined for our Hoard of the Dragon Queen-slash-Rise of Tiamat campaign, and was then reapplied with a new group for a Starfinder campaign, Dead Suns, which we never completed. AdventureCo(tm) Brand Adventuring Company is riding out once again with new focus-tested branding, this time with my local friends under the banner, and is of course being played online.

As of right now we’re still working out the Three W’s: When, What, and How (there’s a “w” in “how”). Monday night is usually reserved for our online gaming get-together so we’re trying to leave that inviolate as it’s tradition to play certain games folks look forward to, but if no other night works for folks, we might just slide into that time and day. Once we nail that down, it’ll be time to decide which system everyone is interested in. D&D probably has the lowest barrier to entry as it’s ubiquity ensures that there are enough tools and quick-start programs available. I also floated the options of Starfinder, Star Trek Adventures, Call of Cthulhu, and Cyberpunk 2020/Red. Finally, we’ll have to agree on how we intend to play. As I am a Fantasy Grounds fan I will always promote it as my personal perference, but the easy access of Roll20 or the as-of-yet-untested-by-me Foundry or Astral are also on the (virtual) table.

As a result of this flurry of activity, I am back to looking at World Anvil for content support. I renewed my Grandmaster subscription last month because I had locked in a discounted annual price and even though I wasn’t planning on using the platform any time soon prior to now, it seemed a shame to let those savings lapse. Although WA is aimed mostly at GMs who are looking to build worlds, I will mainly be using it to keep notes in a place where I can access them from wherever (not that I go anywhere).

The biggest question, then, is what to play? In the past my personal preference has been to use pre-written modules for several reasons — they are easy to prep, are fully-fleshed out, and and sport definitive parameters that lead to a conclusion. On the other hand, creating a freestyle adventure is not something I’ve done in literally decades. It’s a heck of a lot more work and has the potential to be less engaging and just lapse into an interest-destroying lull a lot easier…however it could be infinitely more satisfying to pull off. If I opt for the latter, I’ll need to revisit DungeonFog so I can make maps, and might then need to buy some token packs for use with whatever VTT we decide upon.


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  • Tipa

    January 5, 2021 - 8:03 AM

    Could I suggest a more open ended and less rules based game? I DM’d a Traveller campaign last winter, and it’s a “you succeed on easy things, and combat is something best avoided” kind of game. I think my table (all family) enjoyed it. The character creation is legendary, and all the books are on sale right now in PDF format.

    • Scopique

      January 5, 2021 - 10:36 AM

      I will look into it. Thanks!

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