Now that Star Citizen’s 3.10 update has hit, a lot of folks are hoping to leave the horrors of 3.9 behind them and get back into the game.

Spending money to make money.

Enforzer and I logged on and partied up to take advantage of the new money sharing feature that was finally added to the game. Our goal was to pool our money, buy some commodities, and split the profit. Enforzer had a reliable route ferrying goods between an outpost and the city of Lorville, but his largest ship only held about 96 SCU (“secure container units” or something like that) which would make money, but not enough to warrant splitting the cost. Instead, we took my Carrack, which has 456 SCU of cargo space.

The Anvil Carrack with the Anvil Pisces on board.

The Carrack is not a cargo ship. It’s an “exploration vessel” which means it can carry a small craft in the upper landing bay and has a garage at the back for the six-wheeled URSA rover, but it has a pretty good amount of cargo space for some reason. The problem is that it’s a pretty large ship as you might imagine, which makes it very difficult to land in cities like Lorville.

So we came up with a plan. For those not familiar with Star Citizen’s travel modes, here’s a quick cheat-sheet. In order to travel between two far away places, you use “quantum drives”. This is Star Citizen’s “warp speed”. You can use this to get within 32km away from a marked destination, whether that’s an outpost, a space station, or a city on a planet.

The Pisces leaving the Carrack in orbit to make the final trade.

What we did was to have Enforzer spawn an Anvil Pisces, the small craft that comes with the Carrack, and fly us up to a Carrack already in orbit. We then quantum traveled to within 32km of our commodity pickup destination, at which point we took the Pisces down to the moon. As the Carrack owner, I had to buy the commodities, so I took Enforzer’s cash and combined it with my own to buy as many goods as I could afford. These items were automatically placed in the Carrack’s hold 32km above our heads. We took the Pisces back to the Carrack, quantum jumped back to Lorville, and took the Pisces to the Teasa Spaceport where we sold the commodities and split the profit. The benefit of this was that we didn’t have to land the massive Carrack in the small, confined spaces they offer us on Lorville, and learned that we can take advantage of the fact that Cloud Imperium hasn’t yet added a more “realistic” cargo system which would have required our ship to be physically present in order to load it. With the Carrack now berthed on the station orbiting Lorville, it’ll be small change to spawn the Carrack and a Pisces and keep the trading cycle going until we buy all the goods or until Lorville no longer wants to buy them.


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