I finally cleaned up my network which granted me access to my router’s management UI, which in turn allowed me to set up port forwarding so I could get my Tradewars server back on the Internet.

As I have mentioned many times, Tradewars was a massive influence on me back in the dialup BBS days. When I found that the server was still around, still in operation, and still for sale, I contacted EIS Online and picked up a 6 slot server license just so I could have it. I have run the server a few times in the past, usually on a secondary machine in my home, when I get that twinge of nostalgia for the Telnet-based, all-text experience of sweet, sweet interstellar commerce.

If you’re interested in jumping back into Tradewars, had missed the boat when it was current, or just want to see why the hell I keep going on about this, drop me a DM on Twitter, where I can be found @Scopique for the server info (for obvious reasons I’m not listing it here).


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  • Tipa

    May 11, 2020 - 8:49 AM

    OMG… so many memories… wow. I just found my Raspberry Pi on a shelf, still works, reflashed the OS, looking for something to do with it. You’ve just reminded me of FidoNet and the BBS culture of the eighties… I wonder if I should put something like that together.

    • Scopique

      May 11, 2020 - 8:55 AM

      It might actually be kind of cool to resurrect the BBS culture! My friend Mindstrike and I ran a small one from a early, bulky laptop for a year or so, and there’s GOT to be software out there that’ll run it or emulate it using modern internet protocols and such. Hell, I’m sure there are still telnet-enabled servers out there, too.

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