I figure that if I were to chart my interests over time — the number of them, the intensity of focus — the resulting graph would represent less of a calm and gentle slope and more of a straight and vertical slash across the axes. If I were to chart another line about the “reliability” between my hobbies, I think there’d be a pretty strong correlation. In fact, it’s because I have mentally drawn this line between the data points that I am writing this post, specifically to say that I want to make a movie.

Having written that, my mind has short-circuited as I try and follow it up with the whys and the hows and the whats. “Why” is because “why not?” really. Like any project I’ve taken on, I’ve always wanted to do it “just because”. The “how” is a little trickier because there’s a lot that goes into making a movie — vision, writing, locations, equipment, people — and collecting all of that is a monumental task, I know. But there are also non-professional, everyday people out there making movies with nothing but dedicated friends and a bunch of cell phone cameras, so it’s not so much about learning the rules of “making a movie” as it is thinking creatively on all fronts. “What” is something that I have actually already started to consider. I want something simple that isn’t going to need a lot of set-up, so no science fiction or fantasy. I’m more interested in character stories anyway, and those don’t require high-concept commitments.

I know next to nothing about “making a movie” because my training is in biology and I work as an application developer and neither of those things relates in any way to such an idea. At the end of the day there’s only “do” according to Yoda Sr. and with no stakes on the line except time, “why not?”.


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