I don’t normally re-do my video projects, usually because I’m lazy and often times because my first pass is about as far as my resources can take me. Since I subscribed to ProductionCrate.com and now have access to not only more video clips, but also audio and scripts, I had to return to my “exploding windows” project and Do Better.

I think this video is much better than the original. I now have “window fire” which is an actual video clip of…a window, on fire. I also have two (identical but flipped) edge fire strips on the window. And real smoke! That’s also “window fitted” smoke.

The real icing on this cake, though, is the camera shake and the audio. I used a script from PC.com to add the camera shake, and added the explosion sound, the car alarm, and the sound of crackling flames as well.

Once again, I tried to use Particular to animate the window blowing out, but I must be a total Particular dunce because while I managed to get an exploding glass animation, it looked like absolute crap. I guess whomever work(ed) in this office was spending the day with the window wide open.

I’m not going to enumerate the usual sections for a post like this because the workflow was basically the same, with the exception of running the camera shake script and adding the audio. I had to massage the camera shake because the script shakes the video from the start point in the timeline to the end of the video, which I did not want. I also had to tweak the audio because the main explosion went on for too long, and the car horn alarm audio was too short.


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