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I managed to figure a way to speed up the planet commodity generation and saving and then re-used that method for the station market inventory. These are the two most intensive operations so far mainly because they generate the most records.

At this point, the next stage of development is going to be the pricing system. I have spent many, many months developing a formula that generates higher prices for both buying and selling when the quantities are down, and lower prices for buying and selling when the quantities are up. That calculation relies on the total number of goods produced, the amount being held back in reserve, and how many resulting units end up on the market, in addition to other factors such as political and societal climates. I don’t have the political and societal generators in place, so the pricing will be the unmodified price right now.

This will allow me to turn the focus to the character object. I need to create a system of debit and credit for the wallet and maybe stub out a means for tracking purchase history — no guarantees there, as that would generate a lot of data, possibly. I also need to get the character inventory on deck. Inventory is a factor of ship cargo size, really, and I have yet to decide if the cargo size goes with the ship hull itself, or if it’s modular and can be upgraded independent of the superstructure.


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