Hey guys, what’s up, it’s me ya’ boy Scopique and I promise I will never ever say that again when I make an attempt to get back to live streaming this Thursday at 4:30 PM EDT. Geezus my skin is crawling having written that. Blech.

As previously stated, I have a love-hate relationship with streaming. I love the learning about stuff involved in putting together an attractive stream, but I hate the stress that I feel actually doing the stream. To that end, this (re)inaugural stream will be me, building this:

Funny story about this. When we were down in Texas a few months ago, we wandered through a LEGO store in a mall where we were seeking shelter from the fiery death that is Texas in the summer. I mentioned to my wife that I’d like to get a LEGO set, and she said I should, but I said that I wasn’t going to buy one now and cart it home. So when we were in Target the other day and I saw this beautiful thing, I not-so-casually reminded my wife that I had a credit for one LEGO set, and the rest will be history once I start building. I then got the crazy idea of streaming the build because I have spent so much time accumulating knowledge and resources dedicated to streaming, and I should really put all that to use.

In related news, I have decided to kick Twitch to the curb. I have always been waffling between Twitch and Mixer. Twitch has the cachet, but nobodies like me are instantly lost between the couch cushions. Mixer isn’t as well-considered, but I’ve actually gotten viewers-that-I-didn’t-already-know show up and stick around to my streams on Mixer. I figured that if I was going to stream, then viewers would be paramount; if I wanted to just play the game and have no one watch, why stream to Twitch. I could just play the game and not stream at all.


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