Although maybe not completely necessary, it seems that a number of “good” Twitch/Mixer live stream channels use “starting soon” or “be right back” screens. These can help viewers know that the stream is running, but there’s some behind-the-scenes stuff that’s being dealt with. One of the features that many of these splash screens have is a “window” on the actual stream itself, which is more relevant for the BRB screen than the intro because the game is still running when the streamer is AFK.

I have two versions of this: the “starting soon” version, and the “be right back” version, and they vary only by the text at the bottom. When in use, there are a few more animated bits that are composted via XSplit, but which aren’t part of this composition. The chroma screen is replaced using XSplit’s built-in keying so that the game being streamed can be displayed in the right location.

Relevant Websites

There were no external sources referenced for this video. Most everything is either animated pathing (for the moving line), or just grunt work (the flicking-on of the screen is just keyframed opacity).

Relevant Resources

The only external resource used here is the font, Code Predators, from


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