I had been trying to come up with a concept for a stinger for my Twitch/Mixer channel and had seen one that was in use by my friend Pixel_One for her channel. It two panels that came together in the center, followed by a kind of “Zip-Loc” effect of two edges along the leading edges of those panels, a small light animation, and then the panels split apart again.

My take isn’t as…polished, and this stinger isn’t in use, but it was a good test. In the end, I added a chroma layer that XSplit can punch out to display the underlying video. This was just in case the final video couldn’t render with the transparency layer (which ultimately it can).

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There were no external sources referenced for this video, which is probably why it’s of questionable quality 😀

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The tech circle background image was taken from PngTree.com.


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