You know, bloggin’ ain’t easy. Even in 2019, nothing works out the way you expect it to.

I moved hosts, for starters. As I was attempting to rework how my domains and files meshed with my original host, I inadvertently destroyed any possibility of getting any of the sites I had running back in working order. That meant that all of the sites I hadn’t exported were locked away in the database. So I downloaded the database as a massive SQL file, installed MySQL locally, and while I can get to the post content, I have no “good way” to get it out so I can copy, peruse, and repost the quality content that I want to keep.

Second, for the sites I did export, I was unaware that WordPress would simply take the XML file and jam the whole thing into the new site. “OK, self,” I said to myself. “We can just mass-delete the posts we don’t want. Simple!” Simple in theory, but in practice WordPress — or my new host — doesn’t like the apparently expensive process of blowing away a measly 22 posts from the database. I mean, it’s not an expensive trip! It took a good 45 minutes to clean out the barn, so to speak, which included some good posts, as well as the first edition of this post. Hi, how are you! This is my new site’s introduction bitch-fest.

So, what’s new? First, the domain. was always very game specific and so writing there always tended to push me towards the gaming angle. Since I am branching out into more non-gaming content I wanted a domain which reflected more of a general approach. Since I am known as “Scopique” in 99% of the world (sorry, Borneo), I decided that this was about as generic a domain as I could come up with that would allow me to write whatever about whatever. Blogging is a personal expression, and so the name now reflects the content. Sort of.

Right now the site is still in flux. Hopefully I can resurrect my “good posts” like how to set up audio for streaming, and some of my more focused Star Citizen posts. Meanwhile, I’m still learning how to configure this theme that I have going on here, so expect the site to have a few hiccups here and there as we go forward.


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