We have a TV in our office breakroom, and while getting coffee I was watching the news. In between the stories, they have a stinger which features a bunch of semi-transparent elements moving at different speeds over a stylistic background, while the channel logo kind of weaves in between the glass.

Moving quickly, this could be a pretty decent effect for a live stream stinger, or in a multi-scene YouTube vlog. Only thing is, the video as it stands doesn’t handle a “transition” as there’s no scene boundary that could be used between scenes. As such, this is a cool effect, but it’s really usable in its current form.

Relevant Websites

Since my initial attempts to go it alone failed, I found a great tutorial by Colin James at Creative Cow. Unfortunately, I only had time to apply 1/2 the tutorial, so there’s no advanced lighting, nor are my glasses beveled.

Relevant Resources

The only resource added to this project was the Elder Scrolls Online wallpaper, which can be had from elederscrollsonline.com.


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