The flying logos video is used as my outro video on my Twitch/Mixer channel. The gist is that I wanted to a video that represented my “variety streamer” status (i.e. I don’t broadcast just one game most of the time), so I painstakingly hunted down over three dozen icons for games that I play or have played. The idea of flying through the icons was mostly to test the 3D capabilities of After Effects and allows me to get as many icons on the screen as possible.

The brief pause at the beginning is designed to allow my stinger to complete. Otherwise, there’s a good chance the animation will progress halfway through before the viewer even sees it.

Relevant Websites

Because there were so many layers involved (one for each logo, though in retrospect I might have added several to a single layer instead), I needed a way to stagger them all. I started by hand, but it was tedious; luckily I found a script at Creative Cow by Lloyd Alvarez that allowed for the random placement of layers in 3D space.

Relevant Resources

Pretty much all of the game icons were pulled from Google image searches, as I’m not aware of a singular repository for game logos. That would be pretty cool to have, though.


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